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The World Series Of Pop Music 2021 The 70’s Decade continues Tomorrow at 12 noon central.

The Fox 50 Flashback Countdown now has a blog page created by listener Carl McCullough.
You can now get complete list of past countdowns and It also has some of the other features of programs on The Fox.


The original Flashback Countdowns recorded over 10 years ago. 8am central.
The Fox 50 Flashback Countdown 1979 8am to 12 noon.
(Replay at 8pm)
Number One Album This Week In 1979
Tuesday Night’s Featured Album at 7pm Central
Fleetwood Mac – Tusk
The Fox 50 Flashback Countdown 1989 8am-12 noon.
(Replay at 8pm)
Number One Album This Week In 1989
Thursday Night’s Featured Album at 7pm Central
Elton John – Sleeping With The Past
Counting down The Top songs from 1964 to 1973.
Played from the original vinyl 45’s. 8am til 12 noon
(Replay at 8pm)
All times are central time zone.
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Tune in every Sunday evening at 6pm central.

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Pumpkin Patch photo’s from Randy’s Farmers Market 6921 E Hwy 67, Alvarado, TX. Check them out on facebook.

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