Specializing in playing forgotten favorites from the past
and not the fried songs that radio burns on a daily basis.
Here is the line up for The Fox.
Monday AMC 1969 Live from 8am til 12 noon.
Two’s Day from 8am til 8pm.
Wednesday Live Flashback Top 50 Countdown 8am til 12 noon.
August 21st – 8-26-1978
August 28th – 8-26-1989
September 4th – 9-2-1967
September 11th – 9-9-1972
September 18th – 9-18-1976
September 25th – 9-26-1987
October 2nd – 10-4-1986
October 9th – 10-12-1985
October 16th – 10-19-1974
October 23rd – 10-25-1975
October 30th – 11-7-1970
Beginning November 18th something very special.
More details in October.
Thursday The Fox Library A to Z 8am til 12 noon.
Friday August 23rd Songs that peaked at number 26 from 8am til 10am
Friday Listener Appreciation Hour 10am .
All times are central time zone.
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Every Saturday night from 8pm til 10pm central time
Join me ‘Slammin’ Sam Meyers every Monday Through Friday at 8am central.
I’ll be on live every weekday. By the way that is not my real hair.
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Every Monday Through Friday at 12 noon central time. Two hours of American Music Chronological.

Every Tuesday from 8am til 8pm central. It’s Two’s day. Two songs from every artist played.




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