The Fox Oldies

Fun Xciting Oldies The Fox features the songs from 1970 to 1990 that still have some life in them.

Burnt songs that radio has fried are very rarely played.

Also playing songs from the 50's,60's, 90's and even 2000's. If it has that 70's 80's sound to it.

No Rap Music. Very few repeats per week.

Fresh music that will keep you from pushing that button.

Call and leave comments or request at 516-900-HITS (4487)


I'm sure a lot of you have seen the post in the chat box over the last 24 hours. That worthless bag of flesh has found a new way to distrupt someones life. The chat box has been removed and will not come back until I can find one that you will have to register for through me. There is a chat box set up now but you have to have facebook to use it. I know that stinks, but it is for now the only option.

Every Saturday at 8am central and Sunday at 6pm central.

Two hours of American Music Chronological.

If you would like to order a Fun Xciting Oldies The Fox T Shirt.

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